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Report: Broncos will aggressively go after Deshaun Watson if he becomes available

More signs that the Broncos plan on going after Watson.

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

According to NFL Network’s James Palmer who appeared on NFL Network earlier today, the Denver Broncos will go after quarterback Deshaun Watson and be aggressive about it if/when he becomes available.

This confirms some local reports from 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis who said the Broncos would pursue Watson as well. Safety Kareem Jackson who was a former teammate with Watson in Houston has also said that Watson who has a no-trade clause is interested in the Broncos as well. Klis also recently said this as well when he said the Broncos will have a “seat at the table” when it comes to acquiring Deshaun Watson.

So, this is obviously exciting news.

Palmer continued to say that the Broncos are interested in any of the “elite” quarterbacks that may become available like Watson, or potentially Russell Wilson, or Dak Prescott. However, they have a lukewarm interest in any of the middle-tier quarterbacks because they are not convinced that they are that much better than Drew Lock is currently. So, that will be interesting to watch if the Broncos, unfortunately, strike out on one of the top quarterbacks available.

The Watson situation remains something the Broncos and Broncos fans should keep a keen eye on. It doesn’t look like Watson wants back so the Texans hand will likely be forced sooner rather than later. Hopefully, in the end, the Broncos come out on top like they did with Peyton Manning.