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Broncos now favored to land Deshaun Watson

Day 342 of Deshaun Watson watch continues on Mile High Report. The Denver Broncos are now odds on favorite to land the quarterback before season starts.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another day on Mile High Report, which means we have another Deshaun Watson update for all you Denver Broncos fans out there. I know how much you’ve come to love these and I will strive to never disappoint!

News broke on Thursday that now former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was shipped to the Indianapolis Colts for draft picks. Not long after that happened, various sportsbooks released their updated quarterback odds for Deshaun Watson and his current team, the Houston Texans, was not at the top of odds list. It was your Denver Broncos.

FanDuel had Denver at +150, then a slew of teams stacked together with the Houston Texans (+300), Miami Dolphins (+350), and the Carolina Panthers (+400) the closest to Denver’s odds. Another oddsmaker had roughly the same odds as FanDuel, but had the Dolphins died at +300 with the Texans. Denver still sat the top at +150.

The best part of this “new information” isn’t this post I’m writing about it to irk our commenters below, but watching how many Kansas City Chiefs fans began chiming in and talking crap. Oh they scared, Broncos Country. They scared good. I like it!

They know. Denver with a franchise quarterback would challenge their title chances every single year for the rest of Patrick Mahomes’ career. I’d take that and pay however many draft picks it required to make it happen.

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