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“Peyton’s Places” episode takes a walk down memory lane for Broncos Country

The second episode of the second season with John Elway is some of the best TV you’ll watch.

Good morning, Broncos Country!

To break up the quarterback talk, let’s talk about actual quarterbacks who played for the Denver Broncos.

The second episode for the second season of “Peyton’s Places” is the best 30 minutes of TV I’ve watched in a long time. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve watched a lot of TV in the last year.

But for a Broncos fan, it’s nostalgia wrapped in orange and blue heaven.

Of course, this is the episode that Peyton Manning spends with John Elway.

There is one line that makes PFM playing in Denver even more surreal. There have been two quarterbacks to win Super Bowls and then retire, Elway and Manning. The fact both of them played for the Broncos is a special gift.

Did I mention how nostalgic this episode is?

The best part of the episode is when they watch, analyze and discuss The Drive.

I transported back to Greeley, Colorado as a kid when I was watching it live.

The last five years have been rough for the Broncos and Broncos Country.

There have been splinters in the community and fan base.

It’s gotten testy.

The hope is brighter days are ahead.

But the past is always a way to escape.

The “Peyton’s Places” episode with Elway is definitely that.

Now, back to the Deshaun Watson talk, since we need the ad revenue.

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