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Latest two-round mock draft from PFF has Broncos making blockbuster trade

Pro Football Focus released a huge two round 2021 NFL Mock Draft and the Denver Broncos come away with one very elite quarterback.

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As I promised in yesterday’s morning news post, I am here to make sure we get our weekly Deshaun Watson fix and really it wasn’t even that planned. Whenever its time to cover the first post of the day, we go out and look for something interesting to write about and a massive two-round NFL Mock Draft from the people at Pro Football Focus fits the bill completely.

The Denver Broncos made just one play in this mock and that play was to trade away a massive draft haul to the Houston Texans for the services of one Deshaun Watson. Take a look at this compensation.


TRADE! Houston trades quarterback Deshaun Watson to Denver for the ninth overall pick, a 2021 second-rounder, 2022 first-rounder, 2022 second-rounder, 2023 first-rounder.

That is three first round picks and two second round picks, but zero players. New Broncos General Manager George Paton will have to bank on himself and his ability to find talent in later rounds through the first two years on the job, but by 2023 things will begin to look a bit better and Watson would still be just 27 years old with plenty of time to build a dynasty around.

The trade, despite the cost, would make the Broncos instant contenders in the AFC. They have the young talent on offense and several veteran pieces still in place on defense to make an immediate run in 2021 as the mock draft analysis alluded to in a break down of the trade for both teams.

If Denver were to acquire the star quarterback, it’s going to take a stupid amount of picks despite the quarterback having a no-trade clause getting in the way. And the Broncos reportedly are willing to do just that. After all, Watson was a top-three graded quarterback of the 2020 season and is on the path to Hall of Fame status, according to the research done by PFF’s Kevin Cole.

The Broncos acquiring Watson would have the same impact we saw this past season when Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They’d be Super Bowl contenders right away.

As poor as this team has done in the win column, I think we can all agree they have a lot of talent on the roster. Why they keep losing really comes down to the horribly inconsistent quarterback play of the last several seasons. Watson would end streak immediately.

What do you think, Broncos Country? Three first round picks and two second round picks for us to have a franchise quarterback to root for over at least the next decade. It would be nice to have some hope against the likes of Patrick Mahomes twice a year.

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