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The Denver Broncos, with an Irish accent

Michael McQuaid of Broncos Europe and the Irish NFL Show joined the MHR Radio Podcast

One of the best things about sports is how it can bring people from completely different backgrounds together. One of my favorite aspects of being a part of this Broncos community is getting to connect with people I would never expect to meet in any other circumstance.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I had the pleasure of continuing that when we welcomed Michael McQuaid of Broncos Europe and The Irish NFL Show. Ian and I have always been impressed with how far reaching the Denver Broncos are, and it was great to sit down and get the international perspective as we head into the offseason.

On the show we obviously covered the QB situation, and asked Michael what he hoped the Broncos would do. With all the speculation around Deshaun Watson, it’s no surprise that even across the pond, fans are hoping for big news in the area of the field.

Michael also brought up the prospect of Denver heading into the season without any big changes at QB. If that were to happen, his hope would be to bring in a strong veteran to push Drew Lock. His choice? Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Michael was quick to point out that a big part of that desire stems from Fitz being Irish American. And who has been more exciting in the NFL at QB (for good and bad) in the last few seasons. Personally, I just like the idea of being able to use the phrase Mile High Fitzmagic (trademark!).

What I truly enjoyed about having Michael on the show is being able to talk to someone who has built an international Broncos community. They are committed to the team, and have great knowledge about the Broncos and game.

As they say in Ireland, it’s great craic!