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Would you trade 3 first-round picks for Russell Wilson?

Mile High Report weighs in

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Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Should the Broncos call about Wilson?
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There’s too much smoke about Russell Wilson’s frustration with Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks to ignore the possibility any longer. The Athletic’s Michael-Shawn Dugar, Mike Sando and Jayson Jenks have reported on the growing rift between the two parties and it doesn’t sound like the issues will be rectified. Chief among them:

  • Pete Carroll’s overarching philosophy
  • A lack of influence
  • Accountability for the head coach
  • Poor pass protection
  • A conservative offense that holds him back
  • Lack of talent on defense

Earlier this week NFL Network’s Michael Silver reported that teams believe the bidding for Russell Wilson would begin at three first round picks. The price should sound familiar as that was once considered the minimum to enter into the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes. There has been no indication (yet) Seattle’s general manager John Schneider will actually deal his franchise quarterback. That didn’t stop Mile High Report from weighing in.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that Russell Wilson would not consider the Broncos. While this is subject to change, since he has a no-trade clause it makes any offer purely hypothetical now.

Would you trade 3 first round picks for Russell Wilson?

Tim Lynch: No, he will be 36 by the time Denver has another first round pick. You want to talk about mortgaging the future, you’ll trade away three drafts for a quarterback who will likely retire by the time you have a draft again. As opposed to a guy like Deshaun Watson who will be 28 when Denver starts drafting again if the cost is three draft picks. The team would be able to build around the draft for 8 more years after that if Watson plays to 36.

Joe Mahoney: Yes. He’s an elite qb, who should have won two super bowls. He’s older than Watson, but still young enough to have another eight years or more of elite qb play in the NFL. He throws the best deep ball in the league and he would have two elite deep threats to target in Sutton and Jeudy. Hamler could also turn into a true weapon with a qb who can throw deep accurately.

Scotty Payne: Here’s my only issue with Wilson. He’s already 32 years old so how long are you actually trading all that resources for the Russell Wilson we all know?Sure, Tom Brady is doing what he’s doing but to expect that from other QBs seems farfetched imo. We all have seen Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Brett Favre and others decline in their later 30’s to early 40’s.So I would be slightly hesitant to give a Watson like package for Wilson. I’d much rather pay whatever it takes for the 25 year old Watson for Wilson.However, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be upset with acquiring Wilson. Paying that price for a QB who you may only get 5 or so “elite” seasons from is risky.

Taylor Kothe: It’s a lot tighter decision than it would be with Watson, due to the 7 year age difference, but I’d lean toward yes. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush as the saying goes, and odds are good that at least one, potentially two, of those 1st round picks would be busts or just okay. So give me the elite QB instead, and we’ll make it work from there. With Mahomes in the division and the potential for Herbert to make a 2nd year leap from his record-breaking rookie performance, you have to be willing to make a bold stroke to stay competitive in the AFC West right now. Trading for Wilson would be exactly that.

Jeff Essary: Given Denver’s roster currently and how poised the offense is, I would give an unlimited amount of draft capital to secure one of Watson or Wilson. Watson moreso than Wilson, just given the age of Wilson giving him less runway. I would stop short of gutting the roster of young talent by trading players, because that would be the draw to guys like Watson or Wilson and you don’t want them walking onto a worse roster than they left by trading away young talent.As for draft capital cost, you could throw darts at the wall with 1st and 2nd round picks for 5 years and likely not get a QB the quality of Watson or Wilson, so I’d go all in with draft picks if it gets the deal done.

Joe Rowles: Russell Wilson’s been to the mountain top and helped the Seahawks make it back to Super Bowl XLIX. He’s played in huge moments and come out on both sides of it, and I think that type of experience would be invaluable for a young offense still finding their way. In addition to the intangible benefits he’d bring to the locker room he’s obviously a massive upgrade over just about every potential alternative the Broncos have in front of them this offseason.

I love the NFL Draft, but there comes a point where we need to look at what each pick is. They’re lottery tickets. Studies have shown that teams typically hit on them about 50-55% of the time. So while the Broncos have drafted well recently it seems foolish to overestimate their value compared to what an elite QB could mean.

While I think his age and the sheer number of hits he’s taken over the course of his career are notable concerns, Wilson’s never missed a start in his NFL career. If the Broncos only have to part with Draft capital he’d step into an offense that has heavily invested in the offensive line. In the current era it isn’t outlandish to expect Wilson to play until he’s 40.

Long story short, yes I would give up three first round picks for Wilson. It sure as heck beats watching him land with Jon Gruden in Las Vegas.

I would give up more for Deshaun Watson though.

Adam Malnati: I’m all in on either Watson or Wilson. The concern about losing draft capital is negated by getting a QB that puts you in playoff contention every year. In essence, you aren’t picking any higher than late in round 1, so who cares? Russell Wilson is an incredible talent. His age doesn’t scare me as much in today’s NFL as it would have 10 years ago. The rules are set up to keep QBs clean, which serves to extend playing careers. Wilson would be awesome in Denver with the weapons and system being run. Prettiest deep ball in the game. Incredible ability to keep plays alive. With the talent level around him, the Broncos become instant Super Bowl contenders. I’d give away the next 5 years of first rounders in exchange for 3-5 years of that kind of potential.

Ian St. Clair: Whether Watson or Wilson, you do whatever it takes to get one of them. While I’d prefer Watson, Wilson is a helluva consolation prize. As Joe M pointed out, how fun would Wilson be in this offense? It would also be a lot of fun to see Mahomes vs Wilson two times a year. The fact this is even being discussed is nuts. At the very least, Paton needs to pick up the phone and try to work some magic.


Should the Broncos offer 3 first round picks for Russell Wilson?

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