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Ian Rapoport believes the Broncos and Von Miller will make something work to keep him with the team

Some potentially good news here.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport appeared on the Pat McAfee show earlier today and provided an update on the Von Miller situation. Rapoport was asked by A.J. Hawk if Miller will join the free-agent market like J.J. Watt and others and he responded by saying he doubts that Miller will be available.

Rapoport continued by saying that he doesn’t believe that the Broncos will actually pick up Miller’s option but that two-sides will come together and make it make sense. He believes they will get a deal done that massages the cap hit a bit moving forward while also keeping Von in Denver.

The recent release of Jurrell Casey and A.J. Bouye have created enough cap where the Broncos theoretically could afford Von without any pay-cut, but restructuring or extending him to keep him in the orange and blue does seem like the likely outcome now.

Von entered the 2020 season in the best shape he has ever been before his season, unfortunately, ended before it started with a freak injury during practice that ended his season. The Broncos defense played admirably without their star player, but having Von back would certainly improve the unit as a whole.

Now, Von’s potential legal issues off the field could throw a wrench into all of this, but as of right now, that doesn’t seem the case, but things can obviously change there.

When you have to face Patrick Mahomes twice a year, you need a stout pass rush to have a chance, and keeping Miller is one big step towards that. Nothing is set in stone, but Rapoport’s thoughts do seem to point at this situation being figured out with Von staying with the Broncos.