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Report: Teams are calling about QB Drew Lock but the Broncos are unlikely to trade him

Makes sense.

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport appeared on the Pat McAfee show earlier today and was asked about the Broncos quarterback situation. Rapoport mentioned that teams have indeed called about the services of Drew Lock but he doesn’t believe the Broncos will end up trading him away. The part on Lock starts after the Von Miller segment.

I wasn’t going to cover this initially, but it has started a conversation, so let’s talk about this report.

First off, teams calling about Drew Lock makes sense. The Broncos were involved in the Matthew Stafford trade talks and are widely connected to Deshaun Watson who may or may not become available. So, a team looking to get a young quarterback with potential to either push their starter or be a potential insurance option/replacement for their aging veteran would have interest in Lock.

However, it makes ZERO sense for the Broncos to simply move on from Lock.

Forget for a second your opinion on Drew Lock. Why would they trade him away with no replacement currently on the roster? Who on the free-agent market who will realistically be available(Likely not Dak Prescott) serves as a better option for the Broncos? I really can’t confidently name one. Also, it has already been reported that the Broncos will only move on from Lock if and only if they can acquire an elite quarterback like Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, or Dak Prescott. So it makes no sense at all for the Broncos to trade away Lock currently for what would likely turn out to be a mid-round selection with no replacement currently available.

Teams calling about Drew Lock’s services is interesting, but unless those teams are the Seahawks or Texans and they’re offering Wilson or Watson, it’s not happening.

As it stands right now, Drew Lock will be the Broncos starter in 2021 unless they can get an elite quarterback or he loses out in a competition during the summer.