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Von Miller celebrates Super Bowl 50 season on Instagram

In other news yesterday, Von Miller has photos of him as a member of the Denver Broncos on his Instagram account. So fear not.

We learned yesterday that when a player removes all references to their team from their social media accounts then people will freak out as if disaster is about to strike. The mayhem that ensued obviously got to both the team and Von Miller himself as the Instagram feed was quickly restored. This time it only included Miller’s moments from that storied 2015 Super Bowl title run.

Fear not Broncos Country, all is now right in the world. Or is it? Who knows. This type of offseason drama is super annoying, but sometimes it does mean something. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Broncos do hold a contract option for the final year of Von Miller’s contract that must be exercised by March 16th. If they decline the option, Miller will head to the free agent market and the Broncos will incur a $4.225 million dead money cap hit.

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