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Come to Denver, Deshaun Watson


Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

OK, Deshaun...

We just watched two elite quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, and we’re tired of not having one, so we’d like to have a chat. A serious one.

‘Cause, you know, word on the street is that Denver is possibly on the short list of teams you’d consider (I mean, if TMZ is saying so, it’s totally true, right?!?)

I know A LOT of franchises are hoping to win you over and make a deal, but what do you say we avoid the social media drama (and let poor Benjamin Allbright finally stop making us believe we can’t win this one) and just get a deal done???

Your people, my know the drill.

But don’t worry. I don’t take this lightly, and I’m sure after years of dealing with Bill O’Brien nonsense, you are not going to just go anywhere without the proper due diligence.

So I/we are here to help you do just that.

Denver is the team for you, and with the input of a fellow MHR writer who mistakenly promised not to write about quarterbacks for a hot minute (but has agreed to be a consultant on this plea), we will show you why.

But before we get into the myriad of pluses of becoming a Denver Bronco, let’s get past a few of the potential hangups first, shall we?

Living in Colorado

Being a Southerner who played in mostly fair-weather games in college and then in a dome much of each season in the NFL, playing outside in the snow on a semi-regular basis may seem daunting.

But let me assure you, if a chicken-farming former Aggie like Texas-native Von Miller can love this state, I guarantee so can you.

For one thing, it’s really not that cold here.

Sure, there’s an occasional blizzard with temps that hit the teens or 20s, but the chance of being sunny and 50s the next day is almost guaranteed.

The snow melts, and you’re right back to fall football weather. In fact, it’s even more likely that home games in December will hit the 60s than the off-chance for a snow game in September.

Playing in an outdoor stadium

Aside from the occasional snow game (see above for how much fun that can be), nothing beats playing football on real grass and at a stadium as cool as Mile High.

But it’s not just the grass and fresh Rocky Mountain air.

It’s Mile High Stadium...and Broncos Country.

The greatest football venue with the best fans in all of the NFL.

Broncos Stadium boasts an amazing crowd at home games - and a damn good road crowd too - but the sea of orange that will welcome you on Sunday afternoons or Monday nights cannot be underestimated.

There is magic at Mile High.

The Jets? Really?

No. Not really. Trust me. You do not want this.

Whatever appeal you think playing in the New York market will have, let’s end that myth.

First of all, New York fans are brutal. They don’t care about you. They don’t even like you. They don’t like anybody. The minute you throw a pick, you’ll be trash. You don’t want that kind of potential hostility looming every week.

Sure Robert Saleh is going to be a big improvement for the franchise, but the Jets’ supporting cast is one of the few that is a clear downgrade from the one you’d leave in Houston. And while Menelik Watson showed promise, it’s not like the offensive line is without questions.

Plus this is still the franchise whose most famous play in the last two decades is the Butt Fumble. You really want to be part of that?

Trust me, not Miami either

I know the Dolphins kind of look attractive. Miami is a cool town if you’re into sun and stuff, but they’re a year removed from an obvious tank with holes up and down the roster.

Let’s be real Deshaun, you’ll be playing long after Byron Jones and Xavien Howard. Given what they’ll have to part with to bring you on, there’s a very real possibility you’ll spend your early 30s on another tapped-out roster.

And the Raiders?

Just no.

Even in the fantasy land where the Raiders get a couple of first-round picks in a trade for Derek Carr and can offer those to your current-likely-former Texans, you don’t want the Raider Life.

Sure there’s Henry Ruggs III and Nelson Agholor, and Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs are pretty good, I get it.

But that defense is a dumpster fire and there’s no guarantee it will improve, especially when they don’t have any draft picks to add necessary pieces.

Don’t let the lure of Vegas sway you...just like the Raiders, it will suck your money and your soul.

Why Denver? So much immediate potential...

For all the potential that may be awaiting your spark at other teams, Denver actually has a very attractive setup for immediate success.

And who doesn’t want that?

Despite all the reasons not to go somewhere else, the reason to choose any team is because you really want to play there.

And the Broncos have a lot to offer you in that department:

Tons of offensive weapons

Courtland Sutton is a Pro Bowler who has the catch radius and athleticism to win around the goal line or isolated downfield.

Jerry Jeudy is on his way to being an elite separator in the NFL.

Noah Fant has all the tools to become a Pro Bowl joker tight end. He can split out and win in space against mis-matchd defenders or contribute to the running game.

The offensive line is an improving strength. While the Broncos had to deal with various injuries up front last year, it is clear there is a core group in place with Garett Bolles and Dalton Risner. Bolles and Graham Glasgow particularly stood out in pass pro last season, but across the group, the line showed dramatic growth as run blockers last season.

The Broncos running game starts up front, but the backs are definitely a huge selling point. Melvin Gordon is a reliable pass protector with good hands. Phillip Lindsay can make life easier with the way his speed needs to be accounted for.

And a kick-a** defense

Looking on the other side of the ball, Vic Fangio’s defense is a work of art that will provide the stability you need to not shoulder the entire team yourself.

Broncos’ defense finished 13th by DVOA and 11th against the pass - even without a snap from Von Miller. Fangio accomplished this even as he was forced to play 10 different corners.

While there remains some question as to the status of Justin Simmons and Von Miller going into 2021, the core pieces are promising.

Dre’Mont Jones looks to have Pro Bowl potential.

McTelvin Agim may need more seasoning but offers exciting tools.

Bradley Chubb and Malik Reed notched 92 individual pressures a year ago.

Alexander Johnson is one of the best run defenders in the league and a weapon on blitzes.

Bryce Callahan was one of the better inside/outside corners in football last year.

And there’s always your friend and our current stud safety, Kareem well as KJackTV - which we know you have to miss.

Also...Broncos Country would really, really, really like you here...