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Free agent profile: Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

The Denver Broncos quarterback situation is one of the league’s worst. Does Tyrod Taylor have a role on the team in 2021?

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Depending on what the Broncos decide to do this year to improve their quarterback situation, Tyrod Taylor looks like an interesting fit for the team. He can be a veteran backup or a possible starter.

Player Profile

Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 217 pounds
Age: 31 years old
Experience: 10 seasons

Why it makes sense

The biggest thing Taylor has going for him is his experience in the league. He’s won games as a starter for the Buffalo Bills when they weren’t very good and since then, has bounced around from Cleveland to L.A.

Last season he was the primary plan for the Chargers until he had a freak injury that made way for the rookie Justin Herbert to start. Had that not happened, we might have seen Taylor for at least most of the season in L.A.

Taylor is a fairly accurate thrower and in the past has been a threat to run. He would in every way other than arm strength be an upgrade to Drew Lock and even that you could argue if you compare their yards per throw advanced stats.

Why it doesn’t make sense

My positives about him being an upgrade speaks more to the poor quality of QBs on the team now than it does to what I think of Taylor’s game. He’s honestly a mediocre NFL starter if things go well. As a running QB who is over 30, his best days of that are over. He doesn’t bring elite skills that are going to get the Broncos to 10 wins based off what he brings to the team.

Final Thoughts

I see him being brought in to start if the Broncos are just coasting through 2021 to make a big change at QB (and possibly head coach) in 2022.

I see him being brought in as a veteran backup if he’s willing to sign for a reasonable rate if the Broncos for some strange reason decide to start Lock again or (far more likely) bring in a rookie QB.

This would be a pretty ho-hum move really. I wouldn’t hate it at all as a fan though, as it would put legitimate competition squarely in front of Lock to start the 2021 season.