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Alex Smith could be the bridge Drew Lock needs to take the next step

With all the talk around Deshaun Watson, the more reasoned (and cost effective) approach might be to look at a guy like Alex Smith instead.

NFL: Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Broncos Country!

I am back again for an early morning news post centered around the topic that has dominated discussion boards all over the internet... quarterbacks.

Except this time, I’m only going to mention Deshaun Watson to note that this post isn’t about Deshaun Watson. Instead, we’re going to look at Alex Smith and how he could be the perfect “bridge” for the Denver Broncos and especially for Drew Lock.

There are several reasons why Alex Smith fits the mold almost perfectly. First, he is 36 years old and is likely only a few more years away from retirement. Why is this a good thing, because last season made Drew Lock look like he needed to sit another year before starting and Smith would afford him the chance to sit back from the pressure of being the starting quarterback and come back in 2022 with a fresh shot at reclaiming that role.

That’s the mental side of it anyway that makes Smith an attractive option for Denver. The other part is whether or not Smith would be an upgrade over Lock and the stats suggest he absolutely would be an upgrade.

The Washington Football Team made the playoffs largely behind the work Alex Smith did on the field. After a rough first three starts (all losses), Smith settled in and guided WFT to five wins in his last five starts of the season. Considering they only won a total of seven games, Smith was a key part of that. This tweet from Andrew Mason hammers home why in a big way.

Smith was a five point swing on the scoreboard. If he resulted in the same type of boost offensively in Denver, then we’d be looking at a 26 PPG output and that would win a lot more games.

However, there is a caveat. The Broncos scored 21 points per game with Lock under center, not 17.9. The difference in actual results on the field was that great. Mason in the post he linked went on to cover a lot of ground on Smith that included many other stats that suggest he would actually be an upgrade over Lock in 2021.

There are just so many ways Denver could go at quarterback. There is the blockbuster trade route, the first round draft pick route, the stick with Drew Lock route. All of them have pros and cons, and when weighing all of those pros and cons together it would seem that bringing in a seasoned veteran like Smith might be the safest route to take.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still all-in on a blockbuster trade for Watson, but if the fall back is to bring Smith in to give Lock some time to work on his game it wouldn’t be a bad Plan B.

Let me know what you think about the pros and cons of a Alex Smith / Drew Lock combination this season.