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The Broncos options are wide open in the draft

And that is causing me some real problems

I need a draft crush. After George Paton went about impressing most of Broncos Country in free agency, it is time for us to turn our attention to the NFL draft.

As I told Ian St. Clair on the MHR Radio Podcast, usually by now I have a player that has become the apple of my eye. In a weird twist, this season has yet to yield the Roquan Smith, or Isaiah Simmons, or Jerry Jeudy that makes my draft feels all tingly.

The Denver Broncos are a team that could go in any of 100 different directions. The way free agency went, several possibilities presented themselves to Denver. Now, the Broncos might be the most unpredictable team in this year’s draft.

Maybe I have just been too focused on the QB situation. You can understand why I might be overly consumed with that issue. There’s just too much going on there for me to settle on something solid.

Maybe I haven’t decided on a need for the Broncos that really stands out. The truth is, I just don’t know what direction Paton should steer Denver.

Obviously, the defense has been the focal point in free agency, which makes offense look like a possible direction. If it is offense, how soon before the Tackle Bros start pushing their beliefs on me? And should I buy into the hype?

Or should I pine for tight end Kyle Pitts? He would be a luxury pick at 9, but how often do we get to watch an athletic freak blow us all away?

Is it QB? Should I be hoping for a blockbuster trade to go draft Trey Lance? Should I be jumping for joy if Justin Fields falls?

I just don’t know what to do.

I’m asking for help. I want to spend the next few weeks begging George Paton to draft someone. I want it to be a possibility, but it doesn’t have to be right. It rarely is. I wasn’t pleading with John Elway to draft Jeudy, but I was hopeful there would be one of the top three wide receivers. There was, and Jeudy is going to be a stud.

Who? Who do I pray to the draft gods for that night before drifting off to dream of Broncos victories? Let me know.