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Is Mac Jones a good fit for this Broncos team

George Chahrouri of PFF thinks so.

In the world of the Denver Broncos, the conversation always seems to swirl around the QB. When George Chahrouri of PFF joined Ryan and Ben on BCT, he said something that might be a little surprising.

With Drew Lock failing to impress in 2020, the options for Denver at 9 seem to include looking at one of the top QBs. That could put Denver in the Trey Lance, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones discussions. Obviously, at this point anything could happen.

While Fields seems to be fading from some discussions, Jones has jumped into the mix. On the PFF Forecast podcast, Chahrouri makes a case for the Broncos taking Jones ahead of Lance.

With all the weapons on offense, Jones stands out as the better option for Denver. Not because he is the better QB, but because he is the most ready to start in the NFL right away. Lance has the higher ceiling, but Jones has the higher floor. If George Paton is looking to the draft to find a better option than Drew Lock, Jones seems to fit.

As Chahrouri said, he isn’t an athletic freak, but he can throw the ball accurately. He won’t blow you away with his abilities, but he can be steady in Pat Shurmur’s offense. He can complete a lot of passes, and give all those offensive toys a chance to shine.

When looking at the offense, it’s hard not to notice Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Noah Fant, KJ Hamler, Tim Patrick, and even Melvin Gordon. That’s a lot of talent. With solid QB play, this offense should put up enough points to win a lot of games.

The defense is already all world on paper. They still have to play the games, but if the offense can be good (just good) the Broncos can make a deep playoff run. According to Chahrouri, Jones, with his higher floor, is the win now option.

It still doesn’t help me with my dilemma for who I should be pounding the table for in this draft. Jones is less than inspiring, but if it brings about wins.