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Waiting for big Broncos news isn’t easy

George Paton isn’t saying what’s happening, so we all just have to wait.

In this new era of Denver Broncos football, it’s the not knowing that might be the most frustrating part of this offseason.

When George Paton became the Broncos new GM, he replaced John Elway, which meant the media had to get used to a new man at the top of the organization. It also meant a change in the way information would be disseminated.

Elway had developed relationships with the major Denver media members throughout his career. Guys like Woody Paige, Mike Klis, Les Shapiro, and Adam Schefter had spent years covering the team. This familiarity seemingly led to fans getting access to information early.

Draft picks were telegraphed. Free agency was easy to read. It felt like we had a window into the organization. It was comforting in a way. You always had an idea of the direction the wind was blowing at Dove Valley.

As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, Paton’s regime seems pretty tight lipped. It’s not like we have no idea what’s going on. Von Miller’s future is pretty easy to figure out. He either restructures and takes a pay cut, or he is likely gone. It seems obvious that a QB competition is on the horizon if a trade for Deshaun Watson isn’t made.

Still, nothing is certain. That is also a byproduct of the calendar. Not a whole lot is going on in the NFL. Sure, JJ Watt signed with the Cardinals. A few pieces are moving around, but we are all just sitting around, waiting for something big to happen.

More than likely, we have a long wait ahead of us. Big Broncos news is on the horizon. Free agency and the draft will bring big changes. Until that all really begins, we will have to wait patiently.