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Free agent profile: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

Could Trubisky be the veteran that pushes Drew Lock for the starting job?

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With the Denver Broncos in a bit of a QB conundrum, it’s only natural to look at the free agent market. And there is a Pro Bowl QB from the 2017 draft that could be available, if George Paton wants. That’s right, Mitchell Trubisky could be a Bronco. Wrong 2017 first round draft pick, you say? Perhaps, but Trubisky has been to the playoffs twice as a starter in the NFL, and he just might be the competition Drew Lock needs.

Player Profile

Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 215 pounds
Age: 26
Experience: 4

It’s pretty easy to write off Trubisky as an option, but I’m not going to do that. Sure, my initial thought was that I could just write the word “NO” under a picture of Trubisky and be done, but let’s at least see if we can find something positive to say.

That’s a crazy stat.

Why it makes sense

If the conversation around Broncos QBs turns into Lock and a veteran, Trubisky is technically a veteran. He may not have many more years under his belt, but he has a lot more starts than Lock. He has experience, and he could be exactly the kind of player that blossoms in a new city.

He could also be the push that Lock needs to make that Josh Allen-esque jump in year 3. It’s no secret that fans are holding onto hope that Lock can make a huge leap in skill and performance on the field. If Denver is running it back with Lock, there has to be a contingency plan if he can’t make that jump. Trubisky could be that guy.

Why it doesn’t make sense

I’m not going to get too statistical here with Trubisky. I will point out his 64% completion rating is fine. He has 64 TDs to 37 INTs which is not great. The real issue here isn’t his stats. It’s fit. Why bring in a player that seems to be no more than a small step ahead of the competition, and is roughly the same age?

Trubisky’s success has been, mostly, despite his play, not because of it. Matt Nagy hasn’t exactly developed him into a world beater. As a former second overall pick, ahead of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, it just isn’t a move that creates a lot of positive buzz.

Final Thoughts

My initial reaction to Mitchell Trubisky was probably the correct reaction. It’s just not a move that makes the Denver Broncos a better football team. If they were looking to win now, he isn’t going to be much better than Drew Lock with another year under his belt. If it’s just a way to move into a rebuild, why not just let Lock be the guy and maybe he can surprise some people, or prove some people wrong.

There are veterans out there that make sense. Mitch just is not one of those guys.