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Video shows Jerry Jeudy getting in some intense hand-eye coordination work in

Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is getting his offseason workouts in, which included this crazy hand-eye coordination drill.

It’s workout season, so every now and then we’ll see something come out on Twitter of a Denver Broncos player kicking butt in a workout. This is one I haven’t seen before and Jerry Jeudy was rocking that hand-eye coordination like a mad man.

A big part of a wide receivers ability to catch anything thrown at them is their hand-eye coordination and we all remember Jeudy’s really bad game with concentration during his rookie season.

He is known to be a perfectionist in his craft on the field and he closed out the season strong with a 5 catch, 140 yard performance with a touchdown in a strong response to that really bad game. Stuff like this shows he just doesn’t have quick feet, he’s got some quick hands too.

Jeudy was already on my breakout candidate list and this clip only reaffirms that I made the right prediction there. Football is a long way off, but I’m already excited!