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Broncos, Bucs and Seahawks players are folding like cheap lawn chairs

A ‘No Bull’ opinion on the players skipping voluntary workouts.

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

After news broke yesterday about the Broncos players skipping voluntary workouts I went back and forth a bit while chewing on what it meant.

The more I thought about it, the more bent I got.

Let me start by setting aside the whole idea that football is entertainment and as such isn’t critically important to life as we know it. We all know this. We still saw football last season and contrary to the takes of the Broncos players that made the statement, it was not by any stretch of the imagination an improved product.

As a matter of fact, did anyone besides me notice how little the refs called holding penalties last year? Some in Broncos Country might have noticed that Garett Bolles got away with a few as did almost every player across the offensive line.

So aside from the fact that the Broncos offensive players put together one of the worst five products (by several statistical categories) in the entire NFL, they did so while being propped up a bit by what clearly looked like a behind the scenes move by the NFL refs to help keep the game entertaining.

But beyond that, let me just say that I work a full time job. I’ve had to be in and around people throughout this pandemic. And I’ve had to do so because that’s what I get paid to do, and me getting paid is of paramount importance to my family being able to eat and have shelter.

I didn’t threaten my employer or whine about it. I just put on my damn mask, washed my damned hands, and followed the guidelines that professionals told me to follow in order to protect myself, my family, and those around me.

So let’s get back to the players now from the Broncos, Seahawks and Bucs. You are concerned about getting infected? Where are YOUR professional standards and care for each other? Players are taking vacations out of the country? Why aren’t you tweeting that out so we can all gripe along with you about them endangering your livelihood and life?

What a crock of absolute nonsense of the highest degree.

Speaking of which, you “work year around...” Do you? Or are you taking vacations every weekend. Cause as it stands you are buying yourself another big chunk of the offseason that you won’t be working with your employer.

You can’t have it both ways.

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