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Trading up for a QB is the ‘most exciting thing that could happen in this Draft’

Ryan Koenigsberg told Broncos Country Tonight he personally would love a trade up because of the hype around the team. But if the GM chooses to do it, the criteria should be that he really loves the prospect.

Butler v North Dakota State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Pat Shurmur was on the sidelines at Justin Fields’ second pro day Wednesday, and DNVR’s Ryan Koenigsberg told Broncos Country Tonight listeners “not to read too much into that.”

But still, he called it “notable,” adding that this is time of year teams are not just scouting players but also trying to throw other teams off their scent.

That makes it hard to say what the Broncos think other than that they believed it important enough to have the offensive coordinator view the prospect.

So when Benjamin Allbright showed his bias by asking Koenigsberg if he thinks “it’s worth it to cash all in and move up to 4 [to get a quarterback] despite looking at the marked inefficiencies of doing so,” Koenigsberg had the most honest answer I’ve heard yet.

“For me, I’m looking for fan excitement and hype around the team, so I’m all about it,” he said. “That’s the most exciting thing that could possibly happen in this draft is that the Broncos trade up for a quarterback.”

And who could blame him? As fellow bloggers, we can attest that nothing is worse than fan apathy, and after the Broncos’ fourth losing season and some uncertainty at the most important position on the team, there is plenty of dread out there that 2021 won’t be much better than 2020.

New blood at QB could bring tons of excitement to the budding offense.

But Koenigsberg acknowledged that if he’s putting his GM hat on and trying to decide that question from George Paton’s point of view, his main “preference” would just be that Paton loves that quarterback he decides to go after.

“And I mean really adores the prospect,” he said. “Because if you’re just saying ‘hey, we’ve got a problem at quarterback, we’re not quite sure what’s going to happen with Drew, and we want to add to the quarterback room and nothing has worked out yet and we kinda like Justin Fields or we kinda like Trey Lance... I’m out. There is way too much you have to put at stake to just be half in on a guy.”

I could not agree more. I have been saying on multiple platforms that my hope in the draft is that with all the scouting and deep film work Paton is doing on prospects, if he chooses to get a quarterback in the draft, it’s because he believes in that guy ultimately being a long-term answer.

And if that’s the case, I’m 100 percent in.

But like Koenigsberg said, if it’s just to take a flyer on a guy, I’m out.

“It’s really just about how much you love the prospect,” he added.

So Allbright put him on the spot and asked if he had any QBs in the draft he loved.

“Yes,” Koenigsberg said immediately, admitting that it depends on the day which one of two he likes more.

“I go back and forth between Justin Fields and Trey Lance, but I really do like them both,” he said, acknowledging that Wednesday was “a big Trey Lance day.”

Koenigsberg and his hosts, who have been in favor of keeping Lock as QB1 next year and bringing in competition to push him, all agreed that a potential “best case scenario” might be that the Broncos get Lance, who is probably not a Day 1 starter, but have him waiting in the wings “in case Lock blows up.”

“Especially if you can get a narrative building inside the facility, ‘oh man, wait til you see this Trey Lance kid’ and Drew Lock blows up, now you have a very valuable piece,” he noted. “I still believe in Drew Lock and like to see the Broncos add ammunition at the position, have some excitement for the fans but also give Drew Lock his opportunity to play...”

But Koenigsberg also wouldn’t count Lance out from being a starter as a rookie. With so much raw athleticism, Koenigsberg could see Lance operating like Josh Allen where if he couldn’t read the coverage just yet, he’d have the ability to get out of trouble with his legs.

“I think you could have that kind of scenario where he learns on the fly and leans on his elite athleticism,” Koenigsberg said.


Here we go...IF George Paton does love a quarterback and does trade up for one, which one do you ‘love’?

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