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Report: Broncos have talked about trading up with the Falcons for quarterback’s Trey Lance or Justin Fields

Big quarterback news.

CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

According to The Denver Gazette’s Woody Paige, Denver Broncos General Manager George Paton has already made a call to the Atlanta Falcons about their 4th overall selection. He continues by saying that Paton can make this move if he’s willing to pay the price.

With the Jaguars going Trevor Lawerence, the Jets going Zach Wilson and the 49ers potentially going Mac Wilson, that leaves Ohio State’s Justin Fields and/or North Dakota State’s Trey Lance there for the Broncos choosing.

He’ll ultimately make the final call, but already has made the first call to the Falcons. Paton could do the deal if he’s willing to pay the price.

As for which one is preferred by Paton and the Broncos, Paige says that an NFL source outside of the Broncos says that they will take either of the two if they’re available. If both were available in a scenario, Paige states that Paton gives a slight advantage to Ohio State’s Justin Fields

An NFL source beyond the Broncos says that George and his offensive advisers continue to debate and dissect the two quarterbacks, but are open to drafting whichever is available.

I prefer Lance, but I believe George gives the slight advantage to Fields. Both perhaps become dynamic, long-term, franchise-type quarterbacks, but the risk-reward results for first-round quarterbacks is problematic.

While Woody still believes that Drew Lock will be the week one starter, he believes Fields or Lance will be behind him and competing for the job. I personally think the Broncos could trade Lock to recoup some draft picks if they decide to move up for a quarterback, but we shall see how that plays out if it comes to that.

As for the compensation for that potential move, it doesn’t seem too awful if what Woody provided is accurate. He states that the Broncos would give up their 9th overall selection, a third-round pick in 21, and a 2022 first-rounder while receiving the Falcons' 4th overall selection and a fifth-round pick in return.

Paton would be able to draft Fields or Lance (but not Jones) if they surrendered 2021’s No. 1, a third-round pick and ‘22’s No. 1, while receiving ‘21’s No. 4 and a fifth-round pick (Atlanta has three) in return.

If true, that's not too bad.

In the end, there appears to be an undeniable amount of smoke around the Broncos' interest in a quarterback. Woody has been correct about this stuff before so his word holds some weight with me. It doesn’t look great for Drew Lock if the new General Manager is willing to pay two first-round picks for a quarterback. That’s not bringing in competition, that’s bringing in your replacement.

We have less than two weeks until the 2021 NFL Draft begins. Will the Broncos make a move up before then or will we have a crazy early Thursday evening during the draft waiting to see what the Broncos pull off?


Do you want the Broncos to move up to 4th overall for QB’s Justin Fields or Trey Lance?

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