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Would Sam Darnold be an upgrade for the Broncos?

If the Denver Broncos were to trade for Sam Darnold, would he be an upgrade over Drew Lock?

On Broncos Country Tonight yesterday, Ryan Edwards and Ben Allbright invited Tim Jenkins on their show to talk Sam Darnold and he believes that if Darnold came to Denver it wouldn’t even be a competition with Drew Lock. He believes Darnold would win the job outright given where each player is in their careers.

Having watched both Sam Darnold and Drew Lock, I think the improvement would be marginal. The Broncos wouldn’t get an elite quarterback, but Darnold with the talent Denver has would achieve what we had all hoped Lock would achieve last season. A middle type quarterback with an elite defense. That type of team would be a playoff team for sure.

The question for me is cost. If the Broncos can get Darnold for cheap (third rounder) then go for it. Drew Lock didn’t show much to warrant an all-in investment in 2021. However, I suspect we’ll be sitting here next April still looking to find a way to improve the quarterback position.

What do you think Broncos Country?

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