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What should the Broncos do for competition at quarterback?

The Denver Broncos want to bring in competition for Drew Lock, but what should that look like?

There is much discussion and disagreement about the quarterback position in Broncos Country right now, but one thing General Manager George Paton has said over and over again is that he intends to bring in competition for Drew Lock. The Denver Broncos have not done that yet and with the 2021 NFL Draft coming up in less than a week, it is clear that this is where that competition will likely come from.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright brought Tim Jenkins on their show this week to discuss the quarterback competition discussion. Jenkins is a big fan of Mac Jones, but he wouldn’t take a quarterback in the Top 10. A trade back to get a quarterback later in the draft is how to approach the Drew Lock situation. Give him another year to figure things out and see if the Broncos truly do need to address the position in 2022.

After listening to this clip, all three guys in this clip seem very firm on giving Lock another full season to prove whether he can play in the NFL long-term. I’m not in that camp at all. Having watch Lock’s tape all last year, there are serious concerns that his processing speed is something that will hamper him no matter how much time he has to be the starter here in Denver.

What do you think Broncos Country?