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Peter King mocks North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance to the Broncos

It’s draft week so let the mock drafts begin!

Butler v North Dakota State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Pro Football Talk’s Peter King released his annual mock draft in the Monday Morning Quarterback and has the Broncos making an intriguing pick. King has the Broncos selecting North Dakota State’s Trey Lance with the 9th overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft.

King has Trevor Lawerence going 1st overall, Zach Wilson going 2nd overall and Mac Jones going 3rd overall. That leaves the Broncos potentially having Trey Lance and/or Justin Fields falling to them at 9th overall. He then mocked Fields to the Panthers at 8th overall leaving Lance to go to the Broncos at 9th overall.

9. Denver Broncos—Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State

Very nearly had a trade here—Denver dealing its first and second-round picks (9 and 40) to Detroit for the seventh pick, to take Lance. Denver GM George Paton still may do it, but I’m dubious the Lions will get anyone between 10 and 15 leapfrogging the two QB spots—Carolina and Denver—to take one of the quarterbacks. We’ll see. Paton is a lover of picks, so I’m not sure he’d surrender a starting player with the 40th pick to ensure getting Lance. In an ideal world, Lance goes somewhere like Atlanta to learn behind a good vet for a year or two, but in this case he’d probably challenge Drew Lock for the starting job by Halloween.

So many people are in love with Lance the prospect and it’s easy to see why. Excellent arm, good mobility, precocious player and leader. The one thing to keep in mind with Denver: Paton’s not going to go nuts for a quarterback; he’s okay with giving Lock first dibs here. However, Paton also understands he may not be in a power position to get the next quarterback like the one he would have if this scenario plays out.

As King states, he could see the Broncos trading up for Lance but believes Paton would be reluctant to do so and the framework for a deal has already been established by the 49ers. Why he also said prior in his article that he doesn’t see any trades within the top 10 because the asking price would likely be immense. This bodes well for the Broncos who potentially won’t have a team like New England, Washington, or Chicago making a big leap up to jump them.

I think getting Lance would be a big-time get for the Broncos. He has immense upside and would potentially give the Broncos a quarterback to challenge Patrick Mahomes in the present and future. He has the size, arm strength, and athletic ability to become a very good quarterback. I hate comparisons, but if I had to make one, I would say he’s a mix of Josh Allen and Cam Newton. I also believe he’s more pro-ready than some want to believe. He still will need time to develop, but he’s not a multi-year project in my opinion as some speculate. I’d even argue he would enter camp as potentially a better quarterback than Drew Lock.

I personally would like to see the Broncos draft Justin Fields, but I wouldn’t hate the selection of Trey Lance. I think both have the potential to be very good in the NFL. Getting one of them without trading up would also be a damn good move.


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