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No matter who is QB next season, Broncos’ offense has to get better at situational football

Speaking with Broncos Country Tonight, ‘Voice of the Broncos’ Dave Logan said Drew Lock has to stop throwing the ball to the other team.

Buffalo Bills v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Dave Logan - aka, Voice of the Broncos - joined Broncos Country Tonight Monday to hash out all things Broncos Draft, and he agrees that Denver is in a pretty good spot no matter which way it goes.

Broncos could potentially trade up, probably have several suitors if they’d like to trade down and also have a slew of good players to choose from if they stay at No. 9.

And obviously what the Broncos do will come down to what George Paton sees as the best move to make the team better - which may or may not coincide with what Vic Fangio needs.

Logan noted that it’s most interesting to look at the long-term needs for a team when trying to determine what the Broncos will do, even if that doesn’t match the short-term needs of getting a winning season this year.

“From a coaching standpoint, they are in a very short-term plan - ‘we want a guy who gives us the best chance to win this fall...we’ve got to find a way to be a playoff-caliber team’,” Logan said, adding that’s a different perspective than the long-term vision of the new GM. “I think it will be interesting to see what mindset wins out.”

At the same time, Logan doesn’t think that means if Broncos go rookie QB in the first round that Paton’s long-term vision can’t also be good for Fangio’s short-term need to win, but it may not be the easiest if Fangio doesn’t have a guy who can impact the team this year.

And Logan agreed with Edwards and Allbright that the Broncos look like a pretty decent team heading into next season, but he wasn’t ready to agree that that means there is no need to go quarterback in the first round.

“It boils down to the offense - not just the quarterback - but the offense being able to hold on to the football to make better decisions with the football to carve out better scoring opportunities,” said Logan, adding that has to happen no matter who is playing quarterback. “And if Drew is the quarterback, he has to continue getting better and maturing and making better decisions and understanding situational football.”

That prompted Edwards to respond, “And you believe Drew can get there?”

Logan’s slight hesitation before answering was really his answer.

But he also said that Drew “has shown me enough that I’d be intrigued by the idea of bringing him back.”

Logan, who is also a former state champion high school football coach, added that there would have to be a clear-

cut understanding with Lock that he has to get better and has to “stop throwing the ball to the wrong team.”

“He has to be better at decision-making, especially situationally,” Logan added. “When they get in the red zone, he can’t make some of the throws he tried to last year and live to see another day.”

But the Voice of the Broncos isn’t putting all the onus on Lock either. Pat Shurmur and the rest of the offensive coaches now have an offseason to use the parts of the playbook that cater to Lock’s strengths.

“Get the ball out of his hands and get it to the playmakers’ hands in space,” Logan said, highlighting how teams like the Chiefs have consistently and creatively done that to help their young quarterbacks. “That’s an area the Broncos have to improve on no matter who is playing quarterback.”

Allbright tried to use the Chiefs as an example of a team being patient to go after a quarterback (trading from 27 to 10 to get Patrick Mahomes in 2017), but Logan didn’t bite.

There’s a reason the Broncos are picking in the top 10 and QB play is part of it. But for Logan, the decision to choose a quarterback is really about whether the GM really, really likes the guy(s) who could be available. So a team shouldn’t definitely take a quarterback because they’re picking in the top 10 nor should it feel like picking in the top 10 is just a trap to have to take one.

For the Broncos, a big part of that choice is how much faith they really have in Lock.

“It depends on if you have faith enough that Drew Lock can be a playoff caliber quarterback. Will his play lift guys up? If you believe that, there’s no reason to even remotely force a pick on a young quarterback,” he said.

But Logan does think there’s logic into drafting the QB when you do have the easier path...if there’s a guy the team really loves.

“If there is a guy the Broncos absolutely love...then I’m going to try find a way to get that guy,” Logan added. “Because if things go right for us, we’re not going to be nine next year; we’re going to be picking in the 20s.”