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George Paton ‘really happy’ with Broncos’ draft preparation

April 29 is a day away, and George Paton says they’re excited.

Denver Broncos Free Agency Press Conference Photo by Eric Lutzens/The Denver Post

In the third episode of Behind the Broncos: No Shortcuts, general manager George Paton gave some insight on what drives the decision-making process when it comes to the NFL Draft.

“We have three picks in the first 75,” Paton said, “We have the flexibility to move up, we can move back, we feel we’re in prime position to upgrade out football team.”

Discussing his approach to picking the right athletes, Paton said, “You’ve got to dig deeper into each player, whether it’s his mental, whether it’s his character, you know, psychological testing, the analytics...”

Paton emphasized the importance of having a clear vision for the player’s potential fit.

“We ask the coaches, ‘What’s your vision for this player?’ If the player’s real talented but doesn’t fit the coach’s vision, then it’s not gonna work,” he said.

Unsurprisingly, neither the general manager nor head coach Vic Fangio were specific about which positions they’re looking to fill, but according to Fangio, knowing their positional needs and filling those needs might be more important than even drafting the best guy.

“...You do want to draft the best player available,” Fangio clarified, “But need does fit in there also a little bit more than it used to in the old days. The higher you pick, the need factor is less prevalent, but still talked about.”

He mentioned that having the ninth pick is going to land them a really good player, one that can be immediately available in the coming season.

“I think we’ve done a lot of work, we’ve dissected every player, we’ve been detailed in our preparation. We’ve had multiple looks at each and every player, you know, hope to add seven or eight, nine good players in this draft.”

Paton echoed those sentiments.

“I’ve really been happy with our draft preparation,” he said, noting that employees have been working around the clock to get everything ready.

“It’s been a lot of good energy in the building, people get to work early, staying late. You know, it’s a collaborative effort with Vic (Fango), John (Elway), the college scouts, the pro scouts, the coaches, and really everyone in the building.”

Finally, collaboration is the key for the process. Paton said it’s been an “all-hands-on-deck approach,” and explained that all the coaches communicate to find a collective vision for what they’re looking for in the scheme.

Paton closed by declaring his confidence in their strategy and work thus far. “I’ve been impressed with the whole building and the work they put in,” he said, “And we’re excited for the Draft.”