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No Bull 2021 NFL Draft Preview

Getting Armchair GM thoughts on what the Denver Broncos 2021 draft may look like

Denver Broncos Free Agency Press Conference Photo by Eric Lutzens/The Denver Post

As draft day approaches, we’re all getting more and more excited about what is going to happen for our beloved Broncos in the next few days. Like many of you, I’ve grown to be a big fan of draft day as it is really fascinating to see a glimpse of what the future of the team may look like both short and long-term.

I have to tell you all out there in Broncos Country, that I can’t shake the feeling that this year’s draft for the Broncos has more possibility than most that we’ve been seeing in the past 10 years or so. We have a new GM. We have a very high draft position. The team is situated in an excellent position as far as the salary cap goes (thank you John Elway).

We could trade up, down, add players, or trade away players from our roster as the draft moves forward.

Day 1 Draft Thoughts

Predicting what will happen is going to be nigh impossible at the position we are in on day 1. The team drastically needs a QB, as do other NFL teams. We’re low enough in the pecking order that what we do about that is heavily dependant on what other teams do.

Does the team have to pick a QB though? Absolutely not. There is a world where George Paton doesn’t tackle the QB issue on the roster until next season. There is also a world where this issue is addressed outside of drafting a replacement (Jordan Love anyone?).

But let’s put the QB position aside and at pick #9 you have a lot of options of talented players that can help your football team to pick from. Enough of them are there that if QBs go early and often, the Broncos get leapfrogged for the guy (or guys) they like, and they have 3 guys sitting on the board they really like, then I can easily see the Broncos trading back for more draft capital and still getting a big-time talent at CB, ILB, or tackle that will help the team down the road. I always run some simulations to see likely scenarios for the Broncos, and I will say that there were many times that I saw all the prime QB options off the board for the Broncos with great situations for them to trade back.

The most likely scenario I see the Broncos doing is sitting tight and seeing what happens. If they trade up, I don’t think it is going to be to #4. I think it is far more likely to hop to #7 to make sure the Panthers don’t take their guy.

Day 2 Draft Thoughts

It is most likely that you will the Broncos beef up some areas of need on day 2. Of course, if a player high on their board drops to them, it could go different, but I see the Broncos likely picking up any 2 of CB, LB, Edge, or ILB with our 2nd and 3rd round picks.

I also think this is a prime position to see the Broncos trade back and pick up additional draft capital. There is a lot of depth to this draft and because of the shenanigans in the top of the 1st round, some really good players will drop and the Broncos may benefit from being in the right place at the right time.

This area of the draft is where George Paton needs to knock it out of the park. We’ve done a lot of missing in rounds 2 and 3 over the past number of years and that needs to change as the longer the draft goes, the less likely you are to find quality starters.

Day 3 Draft Thoughts

Running back is going to be the position that is going to be the most interesting to watch for the Broncos on day 3. They could draft 2 and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Outside of that, you will likely see the Broncos shore up S, CB, and LB roles with developmental players. Kareem Jackson isn’t going to play forever and looking for his future replacement isn’t a bad idea.

There are always curveballs thrown by the Broncos on day 3 and I honestly think that is due to them having some really excellent scouts that find guys that other teams don’t look as hard at. That isn't something most of us can easily predict though, just keep in mind that any pick that looks odd (TE for instance when we really don’t need more TEs) probably has a really good reason.

Final Thoughts

It has been hard to be a Broncos fan the past 5 years as it seems like the Broncos have been running on a hamster wheel of suck and Super Bowl 50 was eons ago.

I’m stoked for this draft though and I hope all of my brothers and sisters out there in Broncos Country are too. We have a new guy calling the draft shots and that at least lends itself to the team making different decisions that may lead to better outcomes for our team.

As always, hit me up in the comments and share your thoughts. What are you looking for on day 1 and day 2?