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Report: QB Drew Lock could be traded this weekend

If the Broncos draft a quarterback, look for Drew Lock to be on the block.

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

According to Sports Illustrated Albert Breer, the Denver Broncos COULD trade quarterback Drew Lock this weekend if they select a quarterback at the 9th overall pick(or earlier). He also says teams are expecting it to happen and that the Panthers and Vikings are being floated out as the two teams most interested.

Here’s Breer’s full quote on the matter.

One veteran quarterback who could be moved this weekend: Denver third-year man Drew Lock. If the Broncos land Justin Fields or Trey Lance (which I think is a possibility), there’s a strong perception that Lock will be on the block starting Friday. One potential destination I’ve heard for Lock is Minnesota, a team that could use an affordable backup with upside. Carolina was one team I heard could be in the mix, but that’d be if they don’t draft one Thursday night (and I think they could).

Now, this isn’t shocking news, especially after the Teddy Bridgewater trade yesterday. If you’re taking a quarterback in the top 10 and have your Bridge quarterback on the roster already, it makes sense that Drew Lock would be the odd man out in this scenario.

Now, of course, the Broncos will need to actually draft a quarterback for this to happen. If there’s a strong perception of Lock being on the block already, it seems to point to the league believing that George Paton will select one of Trey Lance or Justin Fields in the first round.

As for interested teams, the Vikings make a lot of sense. Gary Kubiak was part of the process that brought Drew to Denver and Kirk Cousins could be gone next season. So, adding Lock to be the potential successor and backup to Cousins in a scheme that fits his playstyle. As for the Panthers, they could have the Darnold vs. Lock competition that some expected to happen in Denver. Now, if Carolina goes QB at 8th overall, this goes out the window.

I would personally add Chicago to this list. Lock is better and has more upside than Nick Foles and Andy Dalton. He may also be more intriguing than some of the day two options at quarterback as well. That’s just me spit-balling, but it makes sense.

So we’ll see how the first-round plays out tonight. George Paton has everyone guessing what he’ll do in the first round, but it sure seems to lean quarterback if they’re able to. I mocked Trey Lance to us but Justin Fields is being heavily rumored and whispered about as well. So, it should be an exciting 48 hours in Broncos Country.