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Broncos Twitter rides roller coaster of emotions on first night of the NFL Draft

It’s not that Patrick Surtain II won’t be awesome. But when you were planning on Aaron Rodgers, then had Justin Fields right there...well, it feels like missed opportunity.

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

To understand the mindset of Broncos Twitter following the announcement of Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II as Denver’s first-round pick at 9, you have to understand what went down about an hour before the Draft began...

There were reports that Aaron Rodgers - you know the Jeopardy host who happens to have an amazing Hail Mary - wanted to be traded out of Green Bay, and Denver was one of his preferred landing spots.

To which Broncos Twitter went ballistic with something it hasn’t had in a long time...


But then word from Mike Klis and others was that nothing formal was in the works between the Broncos and Rogers and that no deals were getting done today.

And just like that, hope was crushed.

Broncos Country flew right back into panic/anxious mode about what George Paton might do with that ninth overall pick, many hoping he’d trade up to take a QB if the one he liked was there.

And when the Panthers took cornerback Jaycee Horn at No. 8, Broncos fans were sure George Paton was angling to get Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

Denver’s QBOTF was right there at 9.

No trading up, no giving up assets. Just making the call.

It was the perfect scenario for a team needing a quarterback and picking inside the top 10, especially when at one point many thought all four quarterbacks on the board may be gone by the fifth pick.

Paton just had to make the call...

And that’s when Broncos Twitter erupted with either relief or despair, depending on their level of concern at the signal-caller position.

In the end, Surtain was Paton’s guy, and the Broncos just got a future All Pro corner to strengthen Vic Fangio’s defense.

For Surtain, the landing spot couldn’t better - to one of the NFL’s top-rated defenses with a coach known for his creativity and reliance on an athletic secondary.