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Watch new Broncos OL Quinn Meinerz pancake literal trees

The Denver Broncos drafted a very strong man in Quinn Meinerz. Here is him working out in the woods and being mean to trees and stuff.

The Denver Broncos used their first third round pick on offensive lineman Quinn “The Gut” Meinerz. I think we’re going to LOVE this guy, because he trains however he can. In the video below he is literally pancaking trees and doing other strongman type things that should endear him to all of us.

The Broncos picked up Netane Muti last season who is also known for being a mauler, so it sure looks like Denver is looking to get meaner along the interior of the offensive line in the near future. If anything, Meinerz should be fun to watch.

What do you think of this pick up for the Broncos?