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Javonte Williams college highlights

The Denver Broncos drafted running back Javonte Williams in the top end of the second round. Here are some great college highlights.

Day 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft for the Denver Broncos started off with a bit of a bang when the team moved up five spots from 40 to 35 to get a running back they highly coveted with the second pick. That running back was North Carolina’s Javonte Williams.

As you can see from the draft profile video above from Samuel Gold, he has a lot of high marks for athleticism and overall ability to gain positive yardage. The guy is a playmaker and is fun to watch. Here are some more quality highlight reels for the Broncos newest running back.

I think in short yardage and goal line situations, Williams will provide some good opportunities. He also looks good in the passing game as a receiving back and is a solid pass blocker. These are all things Denver will need as they delay the move for a quarterback upgrade another season.

How did you feel about the Broncos drafting Javonte Williams last night?