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Caden Sterns college highlights

The Denver Broncos drafted Texas safety Caden Sterns early in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL draft. Here are some college highlights.

The Denver Broncos had to wait a while to start Day 3 as they had no draft picks between 105 and 152. However, early in the fifth round they found a playmaker on the backend in Texas safety Caden Sterns.

Sterns is also a big fan of current Broncos All-Pro safety Justin Simmons. Soon after being drafted by Denver he said, “I look up to Justin Simmons and watch him all the time so be able to learn from him will mean a lot.”

There are some injury concerns, but if he is healthy the potential is there for Denver to find a quality starter once Kareem Jackson moves on.

How do you feel about the Broncos pick of Sterns today? I think he’ll immediately become a special teams contributor and we could see him in the mix to challenge for a starting job next year. I really like this pick.