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Jamar Johnson college highlights

The Denver Broncos drafted Indiana safety Jamar Johnson in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL draft. Here are some college highlights.

The Denver Broncos turned their two fifth round picks into two safeties. The second of which was Indiana safety Jamar Johnson with the 164th overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Watching these highlights, his game against Ohio State was very impressive. He showed an ability to read and react to a quarterback to consistently make plays on the ball. His athletic scores may be a bit lower than you’d like, but he looks fast on the field. There is something to be said for pad speed over speed in shorts and tank tops.

In the aftermath of being drafted, Johnson said a lot of awesome things to the media about how he plans on fitting in with the Denver Broncos.

  • Trained with Caden Sterns leading up to the NFL Draft.
  • His two interception day against Justin Fields last season was because he felt slightly over how Ohio State manhandled Indiana the year before.
  • Plans to take notes behind Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson.
  • Calls himself a ballhawk. “See ball, get ball.”
  • He wants to be the swiss army knife on special teams this season.

If he is half as good as he is at hyping me up to see him play, then Denver is in for a real treat with this guy in the coming years. I love his attitude and desire.

How did you feel about the Denver Broncos drafting Jamar Johnson there in the fifth round?