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Broncos among league worst in aggressiveness and adjusted interceptions

Taking a look at the excellent work of Football Outsiders to see how the Broncos stack up against the league last season

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

As many of you know, I’m not a stat guy per se.

But I do like looking at stats that help clarify my thoughts on my team and lend perspective to why I have the opinions I do that I share with Broncos Country.

To lead off the NFL news today I linked two great articles from over at (who I’ve been a big fan of for years).

Opinion #1: the Broncos offense is too passive

Looking at the aggressiveness index stats we get to see that many of us share this opinion because plainly Vic Fangio is not aggressive at all in his decision making for the team.

That alone doesn’t point at Fangio as the problem though and this is why I don’t like stats taken at face value. Why would Fangio be so passive? Is it because he’s a defensive coach and he wants his defense doing the work? Is it because he’s cut from conservative cloth dating back 20 years or so in his tenure in the NFL? Or could it be that he doesn’t feel comfortable making those decisions with a half-baked QB who is just as likely to put the ball in the hands of the opponents in pressure situations than he is to put it on the money and make a big play?

I’m honestly not sure. I could argue either way very easily. But I’m looking forward to looking at the Broncos this season with a different QB under center to see how aggressive Fangio is as that will help clarify the issue for us.

Opinion #2: Drew Lock throws too many interceptions

At first blush, this is me just calling water wet. But what we see in the adjusted interception article is a breakdown of things I like to keep in mind when I do my game reviews. Interceptions on hail mary’s at the end of half or game don’t matter. Interceptions that were dropped by defenders do matter. This adjusted stat takes these kind of things into consideration.

And it ends up that Lock isn’t arguably the most interception-prone QB in the NFL. He’s tied with 3 QBs for 9th worst in the NFL. There’s a win for the Drew Lock fans out there in Broncos Country!

Broncos News:

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