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Broncos Country is waiting, and speculating

Because Aaron Rodgers to the Denver Broncos changes everything.

When the NFL released the 2021 schedule, the Denver Broncos received a rather large wake up call. If you looked at the schedule, it was hard not to notice that Denver was slated for just one prime time game. A Thursday night affair. The worst of the prime time slots.

We hadn’t had a chance to discuss the schedule yet, as the MHR Radio Podcast took a week off. However, Ian St. Clair and I both made note of exactly what the NFL was saying when omitting Denver from the prime time games.

Not only do you lose, but you’re boring.

I’m not the first to come to that conclusion, but it’s difficult not to interpret it that way.

And now that we are in the doldrums of this Aaron Rodgers news, we are stuck speculating about the schedule, and how a trade for the future Hall of Fame QB would change the landscape in Broncos Country.

Not just for the team, or the fans, but for the national media. And no, I don’t care if the Broncos have multiple prime time games, or if they are the first team that ESPN wants to cover. But I do know what it means when they stop paying attention.

So we sit on this motionless ship, waiting for the winds to pick up. Hoping they will turn, and push us towards the Aaron Rodgers era in Denver.

We also know that we might be waiting on an arrival that never arrives. The unfulfilled promise of games being flexed into prime time, because the Broncos are suddenly interesting again.

It could all happen in an instant, or never happen at all.

But at least they got that Week 11 bye.