Mile High Monster: Why Adam Prentice can be our next 'Janovich'

The Broncos have needed a bruiser in the run game since Andy Janovich was traded before the 2020 season. As most fans know, Janovich was a fantastic lead blocker and a massive part of the Broncos offense - not to mention a fan favorite.

With the fullback position going out of style in most NFL offenses, it is rare for a team to even have one listed on its roster.

As Broncos fans should know, the signing of a UDFA is a low-risk, high-reward situation. Chris Harris Jr. and Phillip Lindsay showed us you do not have to be a first-round pick to be productive early. Don't worry, I know there will not be any Lindsay-type production from Adam Prentice, but a solid fullback can be a spark plug for a running game. Having someone line up in the backfield and shoot a gap with the goal of murdering a defender is absolutely frightening to opposing linebackers.

When a fullback is involved in an offense, the defense has to adjust. Whether it is a blitz scheme or a linebacker shooting the hole, the fullback can take another defender out of a play. In my opinion, a mean fullback being another lineman out of the backfield can be an elite addition to an offense. Most teams in the NFL have been lining tight ends up in the fullback position, but the results that a true fullback can bring aren't always there.

Prentice has a lot of experience with five years combined at Colorado State and the University of South Carolina. He has seen a lot of action, especially in his final year at South Carolina. In his college career, Prentice carried the ball 18 times for 65 yards, but had 20 receptions for 128 yards and a touchdown. His blocking capabilities are why he should be a UDFA standout.

Not only is he a good fullback, Prentice was also a state champion wrestler while in high school in California - no doubt a useful skill when it comes to tackling linebackers head-on. Prentice is tough, strong, and can be a great addition to this team.

Maybe he will make the final roster, maybe he won't, but the Broncos' offense could definitely use a mean fullback and Prentice can be just that - a mean, bruising baller for Denver.

We love our fullbacks in Broncos Country, and with the addition of Javonte Williams to go alongside Melvin Gordon, a fullback can be just that extra piece the Broncos' ground game needs.

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