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The Broncos are Locked in but Rodgers looms large

It’s almost impossible to escape the Rodgers news that casts a shadow over Broncos Country

With the start of Denver Broncos OTAs, the QB battle begins. Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater will face off throughout the offseason. Eventually, one of them will stand out. As Ian St. Clair mentioned on the MHR Radio Podcast, the best case scenario is that the Broncos just choose the QB that gives them the best chance to win.

Lock has had opportunities to prove he has what it takes to start in the NFL. Bridgewater has been around the league for awhile, and should be able to adapt to the Broncos scheme quickly.

Even as the competition starts, there is a not so subtle cloud hovering over Broncos Country. The rumors about Aaron Rodgers will persist throughout the offseason. Rodgers skipping OTAs in Green Bay for the first time in his career only adds fuel to the fire about his unhappiness.

We keep inching closer to the beginning of June, which is when a trade for Rodgers would be possible. The fact that he makes the Broncos an instant Super Bowl contender makes it a hard scenario to ignore.

It certainly appears as if the Packers had plans to move on from Rodgers after the 2020 season. Everyone knew that his time was coming to an end. He had a couple “down” years (his down years are still career best seasons for a huge percentage of QBs), and maybe Father Time was getting ready to claim another victim. Jordan Love is waiting in the wings.

The Rodgers goes and wins MVP, and as he said to Kenny Mayne on SportsCenter, he threw a wrench into the Packers plans. Is it possible that Rodgers played himself into a spot where a trade is almost impossible? Sure.

Imagine trading the reigning MVP of the NFL, and handing the franchise over to a guy who has done nothing in the league. The Packers may have gone from Favre to Rodgers, but that kind of succession plan rarely works. Just ask Brock Osweiler.

So, we will wait. OTAs will see Lock and Bridgewater compete for snaps. Rodgers will continue to play his guitar in Hawaii, or wherever he is now. Jordan Love will get all the snaps in Green Bay.

And Broncos Country? We shall see what the future holds.