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The Broncos have the talent to compete in 2021

Charles McDonald of For The Win joined Ryan and Ben with an outsider’s perspective

The Denver Broncos have the talent to compete. When you see or hear anything about them, there is no doubt the national perspective is that Denver has a ton of talent. There is just one more question that has to be answered.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Charles McDonald of For The Win joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright to discuss everything from the Julio Jones situation to the Broncos QB situation. Getting an outsider’s perspective on Denver’s situation is always a good idea. However, the conversation raised a point that might go unnoticed on first listen.

If the Broncos can’t show improvement in 2021, George Paton might just blow the whole thing up.

Allbright mentioned it. The fact that Denver didn’t draft a QB could mean that 2022 will be the year the Broncos hit the reset button.

But Broncos Country is restless. Edwards talked about fans being disappointed that Paton hasn’t done more at QB. Many of us are. Myself included. Which is why every QB rumor from DeShaun Watson to Aaron Rodgers lands in Denver.

And the idea of continuing to kick the can down the road is incredibly frustrating. I’ve been talking about this on the MHR Radio Podcast with Ian St. Clair. The roster is stacked.

McDonald talking about how good Von Miller and the defense can be, and recognizing how much talent is on the Broncos offense is an example of why this is so frustrating. Being a QB away, and knowing there was a top rookie available in the draft, and hoping Drew Lock will make an uncharacteristic jump, and all the veteran QBs out there moving around, or asking for trades, or...

The list goes on. And if you want to roll with Lock, or Teddy Bridgewater, that’s fine. I hope one of them can be what the Broncos need to be successful in 2021. However, hope can be dangerous.

Relying on hope when there are true fixes out there is short sighted. And the idea of waiting a year and hoping things will work out, only to blow things up if they don’t, actually makes me angry.

The Broncos are built to win now. Today. This year. The league knows what the Broncos could be, but without filling the void at QB, it’s hard to believe they will be a factor.