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The Broncos and Aaron Rodgers are a perfect match

He wants the keys to the castle. The Broncos can provide.

Is Aaron Rodgers a Bronco yet?

As Ian St. Clair and I sat down to record the MHR Radio Podcast, it was an unavoidable question. Ian jumped on top of it.

The Denver Broncos have been at the center of the Aaron Rodgers rumors, and it has most of Broncos Country in a frenzy. Even the most ardent Drew Lock stan finds it hard to ignore the twinge of excitement the potential of Rodgers brings.

The build up on Draft night sent people like me into a strange mood. Excitement mixed with fear, and a dash of anger made the analysis of the Patrick Surtain II pick muddied at best. He’s going to be an excellent player, but without a QB it is really difficult to feel comfortable with the team’s future.

Here is what really makes it seem like this is a possibility. What did the Packers do that would make Rodgers change how he feels about the team? Nothing. Not one thing. They have ignored his requests. They drafted his replacement in 2020. They have cut players he says he likes. They have ignored his requests to the point of him finally saying he is done in Green Bay.

So, why Denver? Why is all the smoke swirling around the Broncos when it comes to Rodgers? Look at the roster. From Courtland Sutton to Jerry Jeudy. Noah Fant to Melvin Gordon. Albert O to KJ Hamler. There is a ton of offensive talent on the roster.

And the defense? Top 5, easy.

Now, think about how the Broncos treated Peyton Manning. PFM got the keys to the franchise during his time in Denver. He became the king of the castle. And the results speak for themselves.

Why wouldn’t Aaron Rodgers look at that and think that Denver would be a great fit? He wants the keys to a castle, and the Broncos are sitting there without a king.

It’s not a done deal. The Packers will have to arrive at the realization that Rodgers is gone. The Broncos will have to put together an acceptable package. And let’s not forget that Rodgers could be traded elsewhere.

Still, this has us all excited. The possibility of another Hall of Fame QB ending his career in Denver, potentially riding off into the sunset, Lombardi in hand? Which dotted line do I sign on?

For now, I guess we are all just circling Aaron Rodgers Airport, hoping to land.