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Broncos roster review: Rookie inside linebacker Curtis Robinson

Undrafted Curtis Robinson gives the Denver Broncos a chance to bolster its depth chart at inside linebacker.

California v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

The Broncos signed undrafted Curtis Robinson to bolster their depth at inside linebacker. He’s a big-time project being given a shot to see if he can make it in the NFL.

#63 Curtis Robinson

Age: 22 Height: 6’3” Weight: 235

College: Stanford

The Good

Leadership is the first thing you will read about on almost any profile about Robinson. He was a team captain at Stanford and brings a positive football attitude to the locker room.

Add to that that he’s got good athletic measurables highlighted by his 38-inch vertical on his pro day.

The Bad

Most of what you see of him on the football field as a linebacker falls into this category. The knock on Robinson is that he doesn’t do the things on the field that you would think a guy with his athleticism would be able to do.

He takes bad angles, fails to attack according to the blocking scheme of his defense, lacks fluidity in coverage, and oftentimes waits for plays to come to him instead of getting on top of it.

Final Word

My positive take is that Robinson is in the perfect place to get better as a linebacker. This coaching staff is excellent at getting linebackers coached up for the NFL. If he can take to the coaching and become more instinctual, he’ll have a great shot to make this team.

That being said, the play he put on tape leaves much to be desired (especially considering it was at the collegiate level).

He has a long way to go to make the roster or the practice squad. If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t put money on him making the team.