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Broncos roster review: tackle Quinn Bailey

Quinn Bailey enters his 3rd year with the Denver Broncos. He’s got stiff competition if he wants to make the team this year.

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Bailey has been a part of the Broncos practice squad for a couple of years now and in both years was able to come in and get promoted to the roster for one game. Will he take a big step in year 3?

#75 Quinn Bailey

Age: 25 Height: 6’6” Weight: 323

College: Arizona State

The Good

The best thing we can say about Bailey is that he’s stayed on the team this long. Having Mike Munchak develop a guy and to see him still being kept around means the coaching staff hasn’t given up on him yet. He’s got the size and length to be a NFL tackle and he should be showing us this year whether or not he belongs.

The Bad

The rough part here is that for being on the team for a couple of years (which have seen lots of problems at the tackle position), he hasn’t carved out space for himself. Elijah Wilkenson is still above him in the depth chart and the team is actively looking for improvement at the RT position.

None of that is a vote of confidence for Bailey. He got opportunities both years to show what he could do on the field and didn’t wow in either appearance.

Final Word

I just don’t see how Bailey sticks around another year with as many moves as the Broncos have made at the tackle position. We’ve signed some vets that look like better backup options for the team if not starters than Bailey. If he was up and coming, I don’t think the team is as aggressive as they have been at the position.

That being said, the battle for depth linemen is completely up in the air. He has every opportunity to show the team that he’s better than the other vets or rookies they’ve added.