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Consistency is Drew Lock’s biggest issue and one that he has to correct to win starting job

If he can become a more consistent quarterback, the sky is the limit for Drew Lock. The big question is whether or not he can do it.

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With mandatory minicamp over, we have a long wait for Denver Broncos training camp and the big question is where Drew Lock is along in his development now that he is in a full blown competition for the starting job with veteran Teddy Bridgewater. People see what they want to see, so it is equally important to get some insight from all sides on the subject.

One guy who has been in Lock’s corner all offseason has been quarterback guru Tim Jenkins. He joined Broncos Country Tonight with Ryan Edwards and Ben Allbright late last week to talk minicamp and, specifically, Drew Lock’s progress and what he needs to work on.

Jenkins was apt to point out that Bridgewater has had a history of turning over the ball too and he might not be the ‘safe bet’ that many people claim he will be. I would be remiss not to point out that Bridgewater has never thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in a season, but he has also never thrown for more than 15 touchdowns in any one season.

As for Lock, the issue is consistency. The lack of consistency comes with his struggles to read the field. If he can grow and get quick on that type of decision-making, then he will absolutely become a far more consistent quarterback in games.

The jury is out on both guys, which means Broncos Country is going to continue to be bitterly divided on the topic.

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