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Broncos roster review: Offensive lineman Cody Conway

Cody Conway might land on the practice squad as tackle depth for the Denver Broncos this season.

NFL: Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Conway was a four year starter at LT for the Orange finishing his college career in 2018. Like Demar Dotson he is tall and lean and very effective at pass blocking. Also like Demar Dotson he is a liability in run blocking.

Cody Conway

Experience: 1 year
Height: 6-6
Age: 24
Weight: 296 lbs
College: Syracuse

Conway has bounced around NFL practice squads since finishing college. The Denver Broncos will be his third NFL team, but he has never made a 53 (54) - man roster.

“As a run blocker, Conway has modest play strength and girth which limit his ability to drive block and create space,” The Draft Network’s Joe Marino wrote. “He is effective at working blocking angles and functioning as a technician in zone concepts. While Conway won’t be confused as a big-bodied road-grader, his technique and pass blocking upside meshes well with today’s NFL.”

Conway definitely fits the body type that Mike Munchak prefers in his tackles. Unlike the other six offensive tackles currently on the roster, Conway is listed as an offensive lineman. It’s possible that he has worked as a guard at his other practice squad stints. He is currently the only player on the 90-man roster listed as an offensive lineman.