Shanahan to HOF and Rodgers trade deadline

It is time for Mike Shanahan to get his nod and door knock to head to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Watching Tony Dungy, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher recently get their nod just triggers my hunger wanting to have the the coach that brought the first two world championships to Broncos Country get his.

The next time the Broncos call the Packers to discuss a Rodgers trade they should tell them what their deadline will be to make the deal. The Broncos are one of the few teams that might have a realistic chance to acquire him but there has to be a window related to what he could do for the team for the 2021 season if he doesn't show up soon. As it stands now the Broncos are in better shape at the QB position than they have been recently. Whether it is Drew or Teddy, I'm happy knowing we have someone who can keep us going if an injury happens to the starter.

As always-GO BRONCOS!!!

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