Positions that NEED someone to really step up

Whomever is assigned to fill the right tackle position Really needs to step up and stop being the turnstile that Juwan James was supposed to replace. I am not here to disparage any further the disgrace that Juwan James brought to the FO, his coaches and team-mates, and seemingly most heartfelt to us fans. You can always say "It is what it is" and be right. Moses as a Jet is disappointing, but by Paton having given Munchak multiple options at RT seems like Paton ate humble pie upon being the latest in a long line of losers who were counting on JJ.

Center was filled with the worst output of any last season by the forced injection of Lloyd Cushinberry, who despite his obvious NCAA talent was thrown into the worst possible situation for a rookie NFL starting center. Imagine if PFM was guiding him in his protection vs. the total neophyte that is our own Drew Lock behind/under center? Somehow I think PFM could have made the lightbulb for LC# shine much sooner. So now I thoroughly expect this season to be night and now day for Cush. Munch and off-season reps and system/o-line familiarity and ALL of those 2010 snaps taken will have him look much more brilliant. That is what we need: a brilliant center. Risner and RG will also perform up to their level and beyond due to the lightening of their burden to bail out the formerly slacking center.

Finally, the position of need that I am most confident in becoming so much more than adequate: QB! I quote Von Miller: "Lock is a rockstar!" If you know the rotation of O vs. D, it goes O with 2nd's go against D with 1st's. That is exactly where DL has had trouble. Holy crap, every QB in the league in that situation is gonna have trouble. TB has trouble there as well. I am dismayed at the lack of confidence my so called fellow DEN fans have for a QB drafted 3rd on purpose such that he would not have the highest burden of providing immediate reward that it seems too many fellow fans require and are certainly led that way by the epitome of MHR writers that Superbowl Nation can afford.

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