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How long until we get the next great Broncos play?

Since the Broncos won Super Bowl 50, it’s been hard to find a great moment

Through all the consternation about Aaron Rodgers, and the Demaryius Thomas retirement, something interesting popped up in Broncos Country. Lists of great plays in Broncos history began popping up all over the place.

Not to be outdone, Ian St. Clair and I joined to conversation on the MHR Radio Podcast. I would say, we came up with a pretty comprehensive list. Maybe the best part was that we got so involved in some of the more obscure plays that we almost forgot to talk about The Helicopter, and Von Miller’s strip sack in Super Bowl 50.

Obviously, we listed the big moments. With DT retiring, his catch and run to beat the Steelers in the playoffs was a topic of discussion. We also hit on an interesting coincidence. DT caught the last TD pass thrown by Tim Tebow in a Broncos uniform. He then caught the first TD pass thrown by Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform (both against the Steelers).

We had some fun talking about Haven Moses’ TD catches in the 1977 AFC Championship game, and Rod Smith’s catch and run in Super Bowl XXXIII.

And of course the great plays by Steve Atwater, and Al Wilson, and Tom Jackson. And so many more. I’m not going to list them all here (feel free to comment on your favorites).

And then I had a realization. It’s been a long time since we have had an iconic play in Broncos Country.

Drew Lock has had a few moments, but I can’t really think of any plays that stand out as being worthy to stand with Bradley Roby’s scoop and score the last time Denver beat the Chiefs.

It’s hard to find any moment from the Trevor Siemien era that fits.

Will Parks big hit on the goal line against the Steelers? Shelby Harris INT to seal the game for the Broncos against the Steelers?

Maybe without winning, big plays don’t matter. Maybe falling deep into irrelevancy makes it hard to get excited about a play like KJ Hamler catching a last second TD to finish a comeback win against the Chargers.

As we approach training camp, the hope is there. The defense is going to be good, and there is an incredible amount of talent on offense. Can the Broncos find a little Mile High Magic in 2021?

It sure would be nice to add to the list of iconic moments in Broncos history.