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Broncos roster review: cornerback Michael Ojemudia

Will Michael Ojemudia keep a role with the revamped Denver Bronco secondary?

Denver Broncos vs New York Jets

In the 2020 NFL season, we got an introduction to Michael Ojemudia. He was at times one of the lone bright spots in a decimated secondary on a team that had trouble getting good coverage out of young players.

#13 Michael Ojemudia

Age: 23 Height: 6’1” Weight: 200lbs

College: Iowa

The Good

This young man went through the fire last season and came out the other side. He got pressed into starting duty way sooner than anyone would have expected him to and got a ton of work against starting NFL WRs on the outside which is the biggest challenge in the world for a cornerback.

He’s shown that he has the zone chops to hold it down in this defense. He was able to make impact plays causing turnovers as well as cover at a high level and make opponents have to look to the other side of the field to find easier targets.

The best thing that isn’t as easy for fans to see at home is without a doubt the work ethic he brought into his rookie season. He did things the right way going all out on being the best corner he can be.

The Bad

He did at times give up plays. I believe he had a stinker of a game against the Steelers early in the season where he got absolutely picked apart. His top-end speed doesn’t allow for him to match up well against the deep threats from what I saw and will require either him to improve his speed or utilize off-man more with safety help to cover the weakness in the future.

Final Word

I was very impressed with what Ojemudia did in his rookie season and even with the Broncos getting two clear starters on the outside, the team is going to thrive having a corner like him waiting in the wings and being able to come in on sub-packages in spots. He’s absolutely making this team and I honestly think would be a starter on a lot of NFL teams’ rosters.