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Big Broncos questions could be answered against the Vikings

Especially in the race to find a starting QB

The Denver Broncos will be playing a football game this week. We, as Broncos Country, have spent the last several months debating, arguing, and proselytizing about the direction of the franchise.

When Ian St. Clair and I sat down to discuss the Broncos week, including their joint practices with the Minnesota Vikings, it was impossible to ignore the elephant in the room. Denver will give Drew Lock the start in the first preseason game.

Obviously, Lock has been in Denver for the last two seasons. It’s not really surprising to see Lock get the chance to start the first preseason game. And it will be interesting to see how the offense looks when the game is real.

We have spent months speculating, and now we get to see the plan put into action. However, Lock v. Bridgewater is not the only storyline worth watching. The running game, with the addition of Javonte Williams, will be a focal point this season. Can Melvin Gordon, Mike Boone, and Williams be effective?

Will the defense really be as good as many hope? Can Von Miller be the Von of old? Will Bradley Chubb be what has been promised since he was drafted? Will Patrick Surtain II be a true franchise corner (more difficult to find than a QB?)?

One aspect that may end up being more important than the game is the practices. As Ian said on the show, we will probably learn more about what the Broncos can be from their performance during practices with the Vikings than from the game. There will be more opportunities for players to flash. More chances to separate.

And separation is something we have all been waiting for. It feels like each day of practice sees a different QB on top. Drew and Teddy, back and forth. At this point, it would have been nice to see one player start to show they were taking the job.

This has not happened. We continue to wait for a starting QB to emerge. This week of practices could be that moment where either Lock or Bridgewater pull away.

The questions are going to be answered, and that begins this week.