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Training camp success gives the Broncos hope for the regular season

George Stoia of the Denver Gazette believes this could be a playoff contender

The Denver Broncos are nearing their second preseason game. The regular season is rapidly approaching. After the big showing for the offense against the Minnesota Vikings, there are still several questions heading into the matchup with the Seattle Seahawks.

Ian St. Clair and I had George Stoia of the Denver Gazette on the MHR Radio Podcast. If you haven’t been following him on Twitter during training camp, you have been missing out. It was great to get the perspective of someone who has been in camp watching.

One of the biggest takeaways from our conversation has to be the amount of talent on the Broncos roster. George rattled off lists of players at every position group that stood out. It was easy to get a sense of his excitement. His apprehension was also obvious, too.

The Broncos didn’t have a top ten pick in the 2021 draft because they were a really good team. There were issues all over the field. However, the game against the Vikings should raise confidence about where Denver is headed.

And while Stoia acknowledges the road is only as smooth as the QB play in Denver, there is a sense in camp that this team can win some games. The defense will be a scary proposition for the Broncos opponents. Von Miller and Bradley Chubb on the field at the same time. Shelby Harris and Dre’Mont Jones, and McTelvin Agim (who Stoia mentioned specifically), and Mike Purcell on the line. The secondary, anchored by Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson.

Even Alexander Johnson and Josey Jewel, who often get looked at like the weak link in the defense, are showing up big at camp. As George told us, it’s nit-picky at best to call the ILB a weakness in Denver.

And so now it comes down to the decision at QB. Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater are in a battle to see who will win the job. Whether it is the safe pick, or the pick with the biggest upside, one of them will be handed the keys to a team that is ready to win now.

Either Teddy tightens up the race against the Seahawks, or Lock extends his apparent lead, and takes the starting job. We will likely know who the starter will be after the Seattle game. What will happen after that? Only time will tell.