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Steve Atwater likes the Broncos’ mentality in the preseason

Denver Broncos Hall of Fame safety Steve Atwater joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the last preseason game and the ongoing quarterback competition.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Denver Broncos legend Steve Atwater joined Ryan Edwards in the studio to talk about the teams’ win over the Seattle Seahawks and the ongoing quarterback competition.

Atwater loved their preparation and overall mentality through the first two games. Edwards pointed out that the team just seemed more prepared and ready to play. That has led to offensive and defensive domination from all units that played.

What do you think of the Broncos overall mental preparation and focus to detail in these first two preseason games? We’re talking clean football with no accepted penalties from the starters down to the guys who may be cut next week. You don’t often see that in preseason games and is certainly something we should be looking at.

Of course, they also talked about quarterbacks. Edwards pointed out that several of Teddy Bridgewater’s drives were stalled out, but they went for it on fourth down and turned the narrative. Atwater also noted that Drew Lock’s struggles could have been how poorly the interior offensive line played while he was in the game, which may have caused some regression during the game.

Both are true in my opinion. And both quarterbacks are about the same, so at this point it doesn’t really matter who is named the starter. This coaching staff will likely need to craft an offense that doesn’t rely on either guy to make the plays.

This was a great interview. Steve Atwater really doesn’t pick favorites on this topic and focuses on what he sees having studied quarterbacks for decades as a safety in the NFL and an analyst in retirement.