Seriously, why the hell are some of you Bronco fans to begin with

Forgive me for this rant but coming off this thread with Teddy Bridgewater being named starter, you would think that half of the Bronco fanbase thinks we just dug up the bones of Ken Stabler and named him starter. Seeing "fans" hoping that the Broncos get crushed this season and Fangio gets fired after week one is so sad and pathetic. Can you be critical of choices by the coaches, absolutely, can you disagree with choices and decisions, sure thing, can you be critical of player performances, yep, can you be critical of management choices yep. Those are all things that fans should be, it means they care, they are invested, they are paying attention, they demand higher standards. But lets get real here, if you are so emotionally invested in a third year 2nd round draft pick that has not proven anything in this league that you want the Broncos to lose and the entire coaching staff to be fired and GM fired then you are not a fan, you are just a self entitled douche-bag that needs to get a life. Look I get the fact that sometimes the organization makes decisions that you may disagree with, I have disagreed with plenty of those decisions. Namely, when we hired McDaniels and he wanted to trade for Matt Cassel and get rid of Jay Cutler, basically blowing up Jay Cutler. I called for McDaniels to be fired before we made the trade because of how ridiculous that idea was and the fact he basically had no intent to even try to work with Cutler. And I was beyond frustrated with many of McDaniels moves as far as personnel and coaching staff, but I never sat there and hoped they would lose. I wasn't rooting for Orton to be bad so I could strut around saying look at how smart I am, Broncos got crushed, I am so right. I would of gladly acknowledged that I was mistaken in my assessment of McDaniels had the Broncos started playing like the Pats. I was actually at the New England game where Denver beat the Pats and McDaniels was on the field cheering to his wife, I was excited and cheering, happy that we had been able to beat the Pats. Optimistic that maybe I was wrong, maybe McDaniels did know what he was doing.

So here is the reality of the current situation, we don't have any great options at QB. I will trust what my eyes tell me and what reading reports from training camp were, and that Teddy was more consistent throughout camp, has good chemistry with the WR corps, and that Drew Lock did not do enough to show he was the clear cut better QB at this point. If you want to use this as an indictment that George Patton should of drafted Justin Fields I think that is fair, although to be fair we still don't know how Fields will be in the NFL. But to continue to be somehow emotionally invested in a third year player to the point you wish the team does poorly because they decided not to start him is frankly beneath anything a real fan would do. I frankly hope that Bridgewater has a fantastic season, he is named the league MVP and we win the SB. Do I think that will happen, nope, but I will root for it. If Bridgewater falters and Lock comes in I will also wish the same for Lock. I want the Broncos to win, I want them to win every game, win the division, win the conference, and win the SB. It is about the team. If we traded my favorite player (Terrell Davis) for say Tom Brady and we ended up winning 6 more SB's I would gladly have taken that. If we traded John Elway in his prime for say Steve Young and won 3 SBs I would of gladly took that as well. I love our Bronco greats and Broncos who have been on the team for a long time, but ultimately it has always been about supporting the team. When players leave I wish them well, I hope they do well so long as it isn't against the Broncos. I don't wish ill on anyone who plays for the Broncos or played for the broncos, I will never wish ill on the Broncos. So if you are having a meltdown because Bridgewater was named the starter, maybe you need to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself why are to a fan to begin with.

Go Broncos!

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